Editing Cebus apella in Lightroom

You must be thinking or goes off to find Uncle Google what’s a Cebus apella? Well is basically a Monkey species known as Brown Capuchin.

This batch of images have been sitting in my hard drive since 2012. I got this mixed feeling should i get rid of it since i had already backup the images? I can’t explain any logical reason why i keep it, but i did for 7 years. It never had annoyed me seeing the images around. So i decided to pull out 3 images and put it in the Lightroom to cook some magic! A few simple push of the sliders and clicks turns my images better than i can do it in 2012.

What most appeal to me about Cebus apella is the monkey had a really small face which resemble a human’s face. Because am not an animal or wildlife photographer, i basically just jumped on the opportunity and had fun photographing animals without thinking too much technical approach. That will kill off the joy and creativity i had on my leisure day. That doesn’t mean i did not think, but i wanted to capture moments of animals in action and their habitant in the zoo.

Hope you enjoy the three images below.

Hanging on the tree and had a direct view of the monkey’s expression. Having beautiful backlight from the back, and i also fire off a direct flash in the front.

Hanging on the tree and had a direct view of the monkey’s expression. Having beautiful backlight from the back, and i also fire off a direct flash in the front.

Using my trusty 70-200 to capture this Brown Capuchin having a stern expression.

Using my trusty 70-200 to capture this Brown Capuchin having a stern expression.

This expression totally rock me!

This expression totally rock me!

Now i think again, why do i keep old batches of images. The closest reason i can give you why i keep it is because i like these animal images.

I hope mankind go easily on the forest, is better to preserve than destroy. There will forever be debate of whether animal should be cage or leave them in the wild? There is not right or wrong answer, i think the zoo must provide an utmost environment for these species to live in. If the human continue to make damage our only planet, the animals will extinct first follow by human beings, that’s how i see it.

Choosing the right picture

The last blog i talk about digital contact sheet after i shot a series of images.

So i had made a selection, 2 in fact, a negative and positive shots out of 48 images. The first one below is this scene, when the sun already went below the horizon but still illuminate the sky, however been picky me, i don’t really like the streak of light across the frame, i mean is nice but it doesn’t work best for me. I thought the composition could been better.


Then i looked in the computer and spotted another problem. I realised certain buildings rooftops are not lighted up successfully, it kinda of cause a disturbance of the balance in the picture. There are many things at that moment is not easy to spot because my feelings and focus can be just on the light itself.


In the end, my favourite is above, where the sun send a warm glow across the sky, backlight the building, i love how the ray cross the side of the building giving a glow too.

Anyway this will not be my last time for this scene as i believe there are room for improvement to achieve the next better image. So you can see, to get that 1 good image requires time and effort. Is not like simply putting a camera there and expect positive result, unfortunately thing don’t work that way in life.

Digital contact sheet

The viewers marvel at that single piece of picture display on exhibition, social media, portfolio gallery. Most people who does not understand photography will not know the process and time spent behind it.

Below is an architecture scene i had made on 10th March 2019, i capture a total of 48 images having the camera fixed in a position. Then lay it all out in this digital contact sheet. Contact sheet used to be a roll of negative film, the purpose is to be able to scan the series of images and know which one to enlarged it for printing. Today digital context sheet can be also printed and used for studying the details of the image and making selection. In this case of mine, is to share with your the comparison of lighting and in various exposures setting to achieve what type of result, and through this 48 images to select the best image out of it if any.

The next blog post i will select the one i like, edit it and share.

Corporate photography

Recent corproate work for a German company based in Singapore. The head office in Germany needed new images of the management in Singapore. I was hired to come in to do 2 different set of images for a group of people.

My job is a communicator, putting people at ease when they are facing my camera, numerous time i have seen how people went stiff or unsure what to do? Communicating with my subject is important to ease anxiety or stiffness. I always get them to smile as naturally as possible unless brief is otherwise. Per subject image can varies from 10-15 to 30-40 shots in different angles and poses. People are usually busy, so my time with them has to keep it short and make the most out of it. Bear in mind smiling for camera is tiring.