Looking Back Photographs 10 Years Ago in Beijing - Part 1

Decade Ago

Is been exactly 10 years since i visited Beijing, my furthest solo trip in 2009. I remembered transiting at HK international Airport, then over Beijing, China. It was about seeing Asia. I wanted to explore, i wanted to photograph more, I wanted to see China through my lenses.

This will be a series of re-editing the past images using Lightroom, and also sharing thoughts

Editing tool since 2009 has improved plenty to open up more potential for image correction.

Photography will remain the same no matter what type of camera is out in the market. Two of the basic aspect of capturing good pictures require good eye and pre-visualisation. This skill is essential; nothing to do with the type of tool on hand. I heard most people said you use good camera, but that is not always the case.

This photo trip was a travel photography trip. There is not specific subject and i capture anything that caught my attention.

Little Beijing Twin

The crowded Tian An Men Square, lots of history and it was mine first to visit venue. Early morning plenty of people but not crowded. Came across a twin, both were in super hilarious postures when posing pictures for their mother. I thought this is the type of moment i need to quickly capture on camera. I quickly took many frames of the funny twin and resulted in this series below.

Hope you like it!

Check out her various expressions!

Check out her various expressions!