Digital contact sheet

The viewers marvel at that single piece of picture display on exhibition, social media, portfolio gallery. Most people who does not understand photography will not know the process and time spent behind it.

Below is an architecture scene i had made on 10th March 2019, i capture a total of 48 images having the camera fixed in a position. Then lay it all out in this digital contact sheet. Contact sheet used to be a roll of negative film, the purpose is to be able to scan the series of images and know which one to enlarged it for printing. Today digital context sheet can be also printed and used for studying the details of the image and making selection. In this case of mine, is to share with your the comparison of lighting and in various exposures setting to achieve what type of result, and through this 48 images to select the best image out of it if any.

The next blog post i will select the one i like, edit it and share.