Bad thoughts in Jewel Changi Airport

I have this visualisation of capturing night interior scene in Jewel Changi Airport during the evening and night since it’s opening. I can sense, smell, feel, see it with my eyes close. I had an idea, i had the passion to capture something that would work for my creativity starvation.

Knowing photography too well sometimes can be a hinder, knowing what are the don’t, and yet in me want to challenge the obstacle - the no tripod rule in private property in the public. The little nonsense that ran in my head, “what if i got caught, what if the security say no tripod”, bummer. Heck it, ignore, throw away those noise. I pack my tripod, travel from the west part of Singapore to the other end. Beast mode is firing.

Here is my favourite symmetrical image merging 4 shots together! Is good to have a tripod right. The advantage i have a tripod are, I can extend my exposure duration, i can easily change different setting without moving my camera, i can make precise composition which is a discipline in interior or landscape photography. Purrrfect!


So you see, getting rid off the bad thoughts inside me, i am aware of my feeling and had learn how to ignore the negativity. Just have to push or go for it man, never try never know.

Peace and Love