Event Passes acquire over the years

Event photography is a service i am providing since day 1 i have stepped into the business. As a photographer based in Singapore, i was engaged by event agency, business, government agencies to covered various of their events.

There will be some major events that security clearance or need to access private property which will require pass for entry to work. Below picture is to share some of the bigger scale event passes i had work of since 2007 till 2019. If not, most of the time a photographer doesn’t need a pass.

There are so many daily events out there in Singapore. One of the most common is corporate event, usually held in hotel premise or special venue; it can be a product launch, networking session, corporate training, anniversary, opening of company, dinner and dance and seminar. There are bigger scale/national event such as APEC, Chingay, National Day Parade, Formula One, Air Show, concert, etc that requires photographer to have a pass strictly worn on body all the time for identification purpose in their control premises. Another to mention is exhibition event that require to document various booths, vendors and on-going events, sometimes there will be minister attending event and is required to capture their presence on site.

During the weekend, there will be social events such as, children birthday, reunions, baby 1 month old celebration, or even a family dinner as well! Sometimes there will be tourists/travellers in Singapore requires photographer to make picture for their memory, i also have the local knowledge to bring you various places for good scenery.

In conclusion, an event can be seen as a celebration, milestone, memorable, or documentation for business references. To each individual need. Hiring a good photographer to record all the details is important.

If you required a photographer who can arrived before the start of event, be responsible, polite to your guests, delivery of images within 48hrs event photographer in Singapore. Click on my event photography link to check out portfolio or drop me an email.


Photography Medium

Unmmaned aircraft, or publicly know as drone, has been my photography medium in recent time. Instead of carrying my usual camera and few glasses. I packed in 3 batteries and a drone in my backpack to travel for new perspective image Learning to fly a drone is a steep learning curve if want to go in-depth about the technology capability it is offering. Fortunately the drone maker, DJI, who are making smarter drones today, makes it easier for novice who is picking up for the first time. I had my fear of handling it for the first time, but was quickly at ease of how easy to control the aircraft.

Piloting a drone from the air offers a unique perspective of the scene from the ground. In the past commercial photographers need to hire expensive helicopter to fly, nowadays with just a small drone in your bag, you can see the world from a bird’s eye view. Not only just capturing still images, drone also can film up to 4K video footage, create timelapse or hyperlapse, oh can even do 360 as well, just a few of the many functions am using. These are new things i can learn and hopefully to open up new frontier in my visual and business.

Even though drone has been in the market for many years, i did not get it is because of the drone design in those days. My consideration were such, battery lifespan, picture quality and easy to carry. Battery lifespan is very important because i need to have more air time, able to fly a bit further within my line of sight and also making more images. Picture quality at that time have to deal with a small sensor, lower mega pixel and lots of noise to deal with in post process. Lastly i don’t want to carry a huge case to fly, honestly is not my style and dealing with heavy weight over a period of time is no joke. Having a huge aircraft can be easily stop by custom at airport and maybe subject to question, to hand carry a big box to custom can be nerve wrecking at time.

Today with a portable drone , not only i can reach to different spots without a helicopter, i can offer clients a different perspective from an aerial perspective without using expensive helicopter. I can do a 90 degree top down view by clicking for still images or recording 4K video footage from various angles. But that doesn’t mean i can take off anywhere i like, unfortunately due to our small airspace, there are strict rules and regulation set by the authority professional and hobbyists have to strictly abide.

Shooting from air and from ground required different preparation for work, think i will touch on that next time. In the meantime enjoy the 3 images (click on the image to view next one) i had made without the need of flying too high to see the big picture.

Kinokuniya Liang Court

I was filled with sadness when i saw an important notice board in the entrance of the bookshop. Kinokuniya at Liang Court is ceasing operation, future visit will be diverted to their current operating stores. Kinokuniya Liang Court was the first outlet that opened in Singapore back in December 1983. After 36 years of operation is kinda of hard to bid farewell.

Entrance of the the bookshop

Entrance of the the bookshop

This was a place i always hang out during my adolescence, because i love to check out the latest release of manga and also a hang out place with my school mates discussing about comics and games. Slowly moving into adulthood, i was flipping Japanese street fashion magazine, a subculture that the local wouldn’t most excited about it. I probably stepped into Kinokuniya bookshop at the age of 16. 13 years into their operation. I didn’t find out Kinokuniya because of Liang Court but because of the bookshop that attracted me to the premises.

They layout of the bookshop doesn’t have radical change in my memory till this day, the layout remains almost identical. The ambient lighting constantly project a light warm color, comfortable to the eyes of the readers. The space is not cramped but generous enough for people to manoeuvre easily even during peak hours during the weekends. The shelf durability is seems ever lasting, i wonder has it been there since day one.

All the shelf remains the same since the day i stepped in.

All the shelf remains the same since the day i stepped in.

Each time when i stepped in, my body knew exactly where to go check out my favourite reading materials. Sometimes i will stand among the Japanese crowd eagerly reading the newest release, checking out the stationary, as the years moved forward, the bookshop is required to evolve by bringing in new products for the next generation of children, and there are more books than ever as well - hence the rearrangement of books is always a challenge for the staffs.

Reading my favourite newly released manga

Reading my favourite newly released manga

The store patrons mainly are the Japanese working in Singapore, the people in this bookshop were more tone down in their voices, the minimum noise level which is a respect to the rest of the patrons who wish to read something off the shelf before buying, this strongly reflect the Japanese daily culture. This is one of the reason why i enjoy going there. Over time, i just realise this had become my second home. A store that i love to visit, after that i will patronise the supermarket at basement 1 to purchase some products and have a meal.

Another spot i used to stand among the Japanese reading manga.

Another spot i used to stand among the Japanese reading manga.

The staffs working in Kinokuniya is ever so polite and courteous in their service. Even on their last operation day, staffs are still working hard to rearrange the books properly rather than leaving it in a mess. Such diligent is hard to come by in retail nowadays. Am sure they are proud of themselves in their working environment, they should in fact.

Used to be the service counter had closed, books on shelves already cleared out for shifting.

Used to be the service counter had closed, books on shelves already cleared out for shifting.

On the last day but is still neatly arranged at the magazine section.

On the last day but is still neatly arranged at the magazine section.

Thank you for serving my reading passion for such a long time. I bid you goodbye with a heavy heart, or should i say, “Sayonara”. Till next store.

Technology and Notre Dame Cathedral

I recently feel still photography has never been to a point so challenging because of technology. Moving more quickly than ever, photographer's today need to embrace and learning new skill, no more the past day of carrying a DSLR and a few lenses to draw a paycheck. 

Notre Dame Cathedral beautiful architecture was unfortunately caught with fire, the live news spreaded worldwide was faster than the fire to damage the church. Technology such as unmanned aircraft and 360 view are today advancement of photography. With the assistant of technology, the world is able to view the aftermath of the church, local authority will able to quickly access the situation in a safer manner. This will also become a case study for architect and engineer as well. 


Check out the 360 view of Notre Dame Cathedral which uses an unmanned aircraft and may have mounted an addition 360 camera to capture the entire view. Without the need of hiring an expensive helicopter, without the need of workers climbing up to access the situation. Technology allows photographer work in an opposed manner; safer, quicker accessibility and real time update. 

The techs are out there to uilitize, is still up to individual desire to learn it, your own creativity to unlock further possibility. As the old saying goes "the sky's the limit".