Jurong Lake Gardens Series One

Is peaceful to visit Jurong Lake Gardens go on a weekday morning than a family weekend, where most people travel to work, i travel there to capture the beauty of the garden landscape design, the newest garden in Singapore. Here are some of the images i made on my 3rd trip and many more to come.

If want to take great picture, understand the surrounding, know where the light is coming, move slow and observe rather than taking more shots, usually each scene i like i made about 2-10 images depending the light or situation. For this trip I made about 100 images and only choose about 20 images.


Aerial view of grassland at Jurong Lake Gardens. It would be interesting to see how it look like months and years down the road. I remember in 2016, i took part in a vote organised by NParks to decide how the garden would be embraced by the public, few years later it is completed and i am surprised by how beautiful it is.