Photography Medium

Unmmaned aircraft, or publicly know as drone, has been my photography medium in recent time. Instead of carrying my usual camera and few glasses. I packed in 3 batteries and a drone in my backpack to travel for new perspective image Learning to fly a drone is a steep learning curve if want to go in-depth about the technology capability it is offering. Fortunately the drone maker, DJI, who are making smarter drones today, makes it easier for novice who is picking up for the first time. I had my fear of handling it for the first time, but was quickly at ease of how easy to control the aircraft.

Piloting a drone from the air offers a unique perspective of the scene from the ground. In the past commercial photographers need to hire expensive helicopter to fly, nowadays with just a small drone in your bag, you can see the world from a bird’s eye view. Not only just capturing still images, drone also can film up to 4K video footage, create timelapse or hyperlapse, oh can even do 360 as well, just a few of the many functions am using. These are new things i can learn and hopefully to open up new frontier in my visual and business.

Even though drone has been in the market for many years, i did not get it is because of the drone design in those days. My consideration were such, battery lifespan, picture quality and easy to carry. Battery lifespan is very important because i need to have more air time, able to fly a bit further within my line of sight and also making more images. Picture quality at that time have to deal with a small sensor, lower mega pixel and lots of noise to deal with in post process. Lastly i don’t want to carry a huge case to fly, honestly is not my style and dealing with heavy weight over a period of time is no joke. Having a huge aircraft can be easily stop by custom at airport and maybe subject to question, to hand carry a big box to custom can be nerve wrecking at time.

Today with a portable drone , not only i can reach to different spots without a helicopter, i can offer clients a different perspective from an aerial perspective without using expensive helicopter. I can do a 90 degree top down view by clicking for still images or recording 4K video footage from various angles. But that doesn’t mean i can take off anywhere i like, unfortunately due to our small airspace, there are strict rules and regulation set by the authority professional and hobbyists have to strictly abide.

Shooting from air and from ground required different preparation for work, think i will touch on that next time. In the meantime enjoy the 3 images (click on the image to view next one) i had made without the need of flying too high to see the big picture.