Technology and Notre Dame Cathedral

I recently feel still photography has never been to a point so challenging because of technology. Moving more quickly than ever, photographer's today need to embrace and learning new skill, no more the past day of carrying a DSLR and a few lenses to draw a paycheck. 

Notre Dame Cathedral beautiful architecture was unfortunately caught with fire, the live news spreaded worldwide was faster than the fire to damage the church. Technology such as unmanned aircraft and 360 view are today advancement of photography. With the assistant of technology, the world is able to view the aftermath of the church, local authority will able to quickly access the situation in a safer manner. This will also become a case study for architect and engineer as well. 


Check out the 360 view of Notre Dame Cathedral which uses an unmanned aircraft and may have mounted an addition 360 camera to capture the entire view. Without the need of hiring an expensive helicopter, without the need of workers climbing up to access the situation. Technology allows photographer work in an opposed manner; safer, quicker accessibility and real time update. 

The techs are out there to uilitize, is still up to individual desire to learn it, your own creativity to unlock further possibility. As the old saying goes "the sky's the limit".