Industrial Architecture for Company Factory and Office


Client wanted an image of their factory architecture in the project. Together with the client, we walked through the ground and i proposed several angles possibility. My role is not just a photographer, but also provide adequate idea to go about in the shoot. The client is may not be in the creative line, there are many aspects which they won’t understand, it is my job to relate the useful information for them to think about it.

Relevant Information

  • What is the purpose of the image? If is for the website do you need to crop the image? If yes, i may to approach the angle in another way.

  • I would advice the surrounding area to be thoroughly clean up. Removing pallets, goods that is happen to be in my frame, vehicles will need to be temporarily parked elsewhere.

  • For industrial architecture, if possible showcase the company logo into the picture would be great.

  • What is the best time to photograph the building? Depending on the budget, there will be a reshoot on a good weather. Weather is always beyond control.

  • The windows blind should be either opened or closed, standardisation is one of the factor to making a good picture for client. This is more of a coordination part, easier for smaller factory, but on a larger scale will be prior inform before the photo shoot.

As you can see a factory architecture photoshoot is not just bringing a camera and tripod to the client’s office. There are logistic plus co-ordination involve to get that good picture. Although nowadays Photoshop seems to be the key to make all the correction. But thinking about the additional cost to hire retoucher to edit away a vehicle or making the sky blue, time spend is unnecessary if things can be change for the better on the ground itself, with patience of course.

Below is a picture of the client’s factory and office in one building. I cleaned a big portion of the road, edit out the exterior dirt on the surface of the structure. In my opinion when i review again, is not perfect touch-up but to the client is good enough for their business visibility.