Ricky at the heavenly Bali Island.

Ricky at the heavenly Bali Island.


At Capture Asia Photography (CAP), we redefine perspectives by delivering the ideal images.

Founded by Singaporean photographer Ricky Gui, CAP undertakes editorial and commercial photography endeavours, specialising in architecture, interior, industrial and corporate portrait photography.

Having established itself for more than a decade as the choice photography service provider that offers professional yet sublime photography work, CAP meets your urgent needs for images that tell a story through fresh, original perspectives. Whether it is for corporate branding, marketing or editorial purpose, our work aims to awe and inspire while delivering superior edited images within tight deadlines. To us, compromising image quality is never an option.

Our clients comprise local and multinational companies from Japan, the US, the Netherlands, Norway, Italy and others. We also take on long-term industrial projects, including one with an Indian conglomerate.

Ricky provides free consultation before a photo shoot to those who want a better idea of the types of pictures their business needs at the convenience and comfort of their office or on site.


  • Honorable and Nominee for Architectural in Professional category by Black and White Spider Awards 2016 

  • Winner of "Most Powerful Image", "Most Powerful Story", "Best Photographer" for WOHA Skyville@ Dawson photo competition 2016

  • Nominee for Architectural in Professional category by Black and White Spider Awards 2015




"A photographer's journey is not effortless. The strength that keeps me going is the burning passion and the desire to capture more captivating images."